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Are Psychics Real? Then Why Can’t They See What’s Coming?

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I have heard this argument many times from skeptics who think that all psychics are fakes: if this person was really psychic, they would see in advance that such and such an event was coming. Considering these people usually have a self-image of being rational, it is odd that they must use such a silly argument.

First of all, psychics can specialize in different areas. Wikipedia states that “psychic (/ˈsaɪkɪk/; from the Greek ψυχικός psychikos—”of the mind, mental”) is a person who claims to have an ability to perceive information hidden from the normal senses through extrasensory perception.” Notice that not only are there infinite variety of information that psychics can focus on perceiving, but there are many extrasensory ways of doing so.

Not every psychic predicts, just like not every psychic reads other peoples’ minds. Analogy would be that you probably think that you are pretty adapt at navigating through your external environment. Now does that mean that you can play a game of football? You could if you have been trained to play football. But maybe you haven’t had any training in football and instead you were trained as an ice skater. An excellent ice skater, no matter how excellent they, cannot play football. There are times when being physically oriented can loosely put you in a category of being able to perform well physically. So in the same way a person who is psychic is more likely to be able to read minds than an average person, but if they haven’t practiced that ability or if they are not talented in that specific area in the first place, they simply have their strengths in other areas.

The world of psyche is just as expansive and huge as the outer physical world. Most people do not ever perceive that world simply because they are more externally oriented. The tricky part about exploring the world of psyche is that the external concepts such as time and space simply do not apply. That’s why whenever we speak of psychic or internal realities, they can only speak in metaphors only. Even words only skim the surface of being able to describe the inner reality. One common example that you can easily observe is your dreams. They are usually non-linear. In a dream, you past and your future can happen together simultaneously. You can be one person and a different person all at the same time. So that in inner reality, things are organized by meaning.

Furthermore, some people are amazing psychics, but they have trouble translating that information into common terms. Similar to when a person understands laws really well, but when it comes to trial law, they simply are not an effective lawyer and all that knowledge does not come through well. Then another lawyer might only understand the basics of law, but that person makes up in other areas, such as being a convincing speaker.

Besides, prediction is overrated. But that’s a whole other story. Stay tuned. If you are interested in developing your own psychic abilities, check out my recommendation of a psychic training program.

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5 Action Steps to Overcoming Writer’s Block

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Before I get into the nitty gritty of what to do exactly to overcome your writer’s block, let’s discuss why it should matter to you. If you are a book author, a blogger, a marketer or a college student for that matter, you already know why coming up with new creative material on a regular basis can be so important. If writing is not a big part of your career, I would suggest that adding a journaling routine into your day will help you to cope with stress better, vent out negative emotions, and access intuitive guidance. Keeping a journal sounds like a very simple activity but it can facilitate transformational shifts in your life. Next time you sit down to write, try these steps. They won’t take much of your time, but are guaranteed to break free the flow of your creativity.

1. Clear your mind.

Taking three deep breathes is all you might need if you were feeling peaceful and centered to start with. Otherwise, you might want to take fifteen minutes to quiet down, pay attention to your breathing, and start letting go of the surface chatter of your mind. One of the simple techniques that helped me when I was starting out was to visualize or imagine on the in-breath an ocean wave crashing gently on the sand and then on the out-breath, wave retreats clearing away little rocks as well as thoughts from my head. Then just as thoughts might come back in, wave comes back and clears them again.

Clearing your mind puts you into an alpha brain state for your writing session, which is the state of mind where creativity happens. Artists often work in this brain wave state, where they are able to access more right-brain dominant mode. When you are in an everyday beta state, your mind is like a monkey that keeps jumping from problem to problem. These mind distractions may sound quite logical such as: “Oh, right now is not a good time to write because surely kids will come in and distract me” or “It sure looks messy in here and I can’t possibly write in this place.” Whatever your favorite excuse may be for putting it off. Let go of it for now, just for the next hour or whatever period of time you choose to dedicate to your writing endeavor.

2. Set crystal clear intentions.

If you don’t know the reason for writing, it can be hard to come up with the right kind of motivation. For example, when I was in college, I had the hardest time coming up with topics and material to write about. I would just draw a complete blank. It got so bad, that I would prefer not to turn in my assignment at all, than to suffer through agonizing hours of grueling writing work. I never overcame that problem in college and my grades suffered as a result. While there were many layers of what was causing this problem, one big reason was that I did not have a clear sense of direction. I didn’t know why I was going to college and what I was trying to achieve with my education. More specifically, I was not motivated by having to turn in the assignment. I needed a sense that I was accomplishing something bigger. For example, motivation for this blog is that you, my audience, will learn something from it and take new action based on this new understanding. Another motivation is that I’m reaching out to people and letting others know about my services because I believe they offer really great value to others.

Also, it helps to get clear about what message you want to convey to your readers. What is the most important part about what you are writing? What is one point that you want every reader to take away from your piece? For example, a big message for this article is that you can easily connect with your creativity and guidance through writing. Message is after all the most important part of communicating. You don’t have to be an award-winning author to spread a message you are passionate about. You don’t need a million-dollar vocabulary to teach someone a new skill.

3. Find your motivation for not writing.

There is usually an explanation for why we do certain things, but that explanation is not always easily accessible to the conscious mind. In other words, you may say, well of course I want to write this paper. I have a deadline tomorrow! Still you keep procrastinating and when you sit down in front of your computer screen, you just sit there staring at it, feeling frustrated that you are wasting your time. Ask yourself a question. If my writer’s block served any purpose at all, what would that purpose be? Sometimes answer will come quite easily and at other times you may not have any objectivity to figure it out for yourself.

It might be that when you were little, your parent told you that you lacked imagination. You took on that belief and now you can’t allow yourself to express yourself creatively because you are following a script that got set in your subconscious mind. The problem might even originate in a past lifetime, when you were a successful writer, however you were sensitive to others’ criticism and you made a decision to quit writing because you did not want to keep subjecting yourself to perceived humiliation and ridicule. In such cases, where you have really hard time figuring out the cause of the issue, I highly recommend a soul guidance session to figure out what might be the hidden cause. You know you need help if it’s causing a disruption in your life.

4. Just start writing.

I can’t tell you how many different sources I have heard this advice from. All of my English teachers, creativity experts and intuitive teachers said the same thing. If you don’t know what to write, write about that. Whatever it is, just do it. The best way to do that is to write non-stop for at least ten minutes. It can be completely random. Whatever thoughts come into your mind, write them down. Surely and slowly, you can move into the actual subject of your writing, as ideas slowly float in, and float in they will! Even if it might take a few sessions, if you have really deep-seated root cause that’s blocking you.

5. Set a consistent writing schedule.

After a few days of writing at the same time each day, it will turn into a habit. Every fiber of your being will know that it’s time to start getting into the creative mode of writing, when you sit at your desk every day at 6pm and take your deep breaths before your writing session. So many people believe that you must be inspired to do so but that’s not always the case. After having dinner, you might be “inspired” to go take a nap. Inspiration will come in the process of actually doing it. Some days you will be more in the mood for writing than other days. That’s perfectly OK, but stick with at least a minimal block of time to write every day at the same time. Even if you have some distractions going on, kids wanting to run in and give you hugs. Eventually, they will figure out that you are no fun at 6 pm when you are having your writing session. Then watch the progress that you are making. You may take to it right away, creating a master piece the very first week. You might also take a little longer to get yourself in the daily process of it. Know that you are still receiving the benefit of your writing and your intuitive guidance is coming through, even if it may look simple and short.

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Only A Moment Away – Ultimate Anti-Stress Solution

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I work as a psychic at the local center of holistic healing here in Northern California. It’s a safe haven for people to come in and express their innermost feelings about what’s going on in their lives. While each person’s journey is rich in details, that are only unique to their situation, there are often very noticeable trends in collective consciousness.

The past couple of weeks people have been complaining of increased anxiety and fear. You have to understand here that majority of these visitors are spiritual people. Many utilize a variety of anti-stress practices, including long-term meditation practice, working with spiritual advisors, listening to inspirational radio, and reading plenty of spiritual books (we also have a metaphysical library).

I bet you are aware

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12 Ways to Prepare For 2012 (And Beyond) Part II

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For explanation on what 2012 means and for the first 6 things to do to prepare for 2012, click on my first article about it here:

7. Imagine your new reality. I know this advice sounds absolutely simplistic and maybe one that has been given so many times by so many sources, that people get tired of hearing it. It’s more true now in a higher vibrating environment than ever before. One reason is because as soon as we see something in our minds or feel it in our hearts, we are literally there on a soul level in that very instance. Second reason and the one very related to the first, is that ideas and concepts are much faster to turn into physical manifestations in the third dimensional reality, where we can touch and see them. One way to know if what you wish for is a true expression of who you are is to feel for what ideas make you feel bigger and more expansive and what ideas make you feel really small. The ones that make you feel bigger are coming from your soul and the ones that make you feel smaller are coming from your ego. Sure, you knew about this one before, but are you taking at least twenty minutes out of your day to vibrate in the direction of your desires? That’s where the next concept comes in.

8. Take action in line with your spiritual principles in every aspect of your life. See, meditating and talking with your guides are the best ways to get clear, but what is it that you are getting clear on? Actually, you are getting clear on how to live your real life! Some people say that they want to stay in their spiritual practice 24 hours a day and bask in the light of Divinity. Those who are really enlightened say that it’s more important for them to feel good and that’s the kind of energy they will attract. Sure, except that I don’t believe them when they say it feels best to be sitting on the couch and meditating all day. I think they would get real tired of it and will want to come out and play. That’s because their soul knows that it came to this physical dimension in order to learn lessons in the physical world and engage with other physical beings. On the other side of the issue are people, who always keep busy with things that drain them and feel like a vicious cycle of busyness that leads nowhere. The point is to take action that will bring you closer to your soul purpose, including monumental things like starting a new business, that is more in line with your soul gifts and simple things, like petting a favorite animal to lower any feelings of discord.

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12 Ways to Prepare For 2012 (And Beyond) Part I

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Let’s explore the significance of 2012 the way I see it and the way my spirit guides tell me about it. 2012 is the halfway point of the consciousness shift that’s taking place on planet Earth. I can see now how people are going to be disappointed that “nothing” happened in 2012. Those would be people, who are too immersed in their physicality and are not paying attention to more subtle cues of their souls. Sometimes changes that happen in our lives are quite dramatic such as a loss of a house, tragic death in the family, divorce, moving to a whole different country, etc. The way to know that they are soul initiated changes is when your mind can’t quite grasp the reason for everything that’s happening. It can be quite sudden or maybe planned for a while, but now it feels like the road is clear, where there was a huge roadblock earlier. If you are not connected to your soul’s guidance, it might seem that life is being unfair, but the opposite is true, life is clearing out the path for you to serve your soul purpose. After all, you are the one, who chose your purpose before you incarnated on this planet. The Universe is going to conspire to bring it into reality, even if you temporarily refuse to remember the reason for being here. Here are some ways to prepare for 2012 to make it easier and more comfortable to experience huge energy shifts that are coming to you and to the planet as a whole:

1. Cleanse your physical body. There are many ways to cleanse your physical body. Our physical body is learning to hold much higher vibration. From the soul guidance sessions that I do, I have learned that a lot of souls now vibrate in the fifth dimension and some are now breaching the sixth dimension. Thus there are many symptoms of ascension that are manifesting as discomfort and dis-ease. I do not believe those symptoms are necessary. They are not the energy itself, but simply a by-product, but it is a rare individual that can maintain a steady increase in energy without experiencing shifts as ups and downs. One simple way to cleanse is to simply add more fruits and vegetables to your diet and cut out any heavy energy foods, including wheat, soy, dairy and meat. Now this is not a permanent measure. The best period of time to cleanse for is 21 days because that’s the amount of time it takes to bring the changes into the physical and to create a lasting permanent change, even if you do go back to your old ways (you can never completely reverse however). The form that the cleanse takes is up to you. For me personally I like to eat very high raw diet with a variety of fruits and vegetables and some nuts and seeds.

2. Get in touch with your team of guides and angels. The same concept applies to this as it does to cleansing your physical body. The exact steps are up to you. Nobody else besides you can decide what feels more correct and comfortable. For more ideas, you can read my article on Picking The Best Method For Receiving Spiritual Guidance. One simple way is to sit down in a quiet atmosphere, where you won’t be disturbed for at least ten minutes, light a white candle to let your subconscious mind know what you are preparing to do, and to get out a piece of paper and a pen. Date the paper, write out your question, ask your guides to be present, and then write whatever comes to mind. If no words come, then write how you are feeling or what images you are seeing. The main point is to trust that you are always communicating with your guides, even if you don’t hear their booming voice in your head.

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Soul Realignment As Professional Psychic Training Course

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Fresh off the press as a certified Soul Realignment practitioner, I’m eager to share my experiences with the Soul Realignment course. If you have ever wondered about taking your intuitive abilities to the next level and receiving professional training, this article is for you! You can click on the banner to get more details on the course and then come back and get my opinion or read the article first and then go check it out.

This article is my personal review of the Soul Realignment course and may be useful to people interested in developing their own psychic   abilities for personal growth and to those, whose intention is to start a new business. Soul Realignment teaches about how to read Akashic Records and even more importantly what information is relevant. I believe that Akashic Records permeate our reality and we all have  interaction with records in one way or another, but in order to obtain accurate and reliable information in a conscious way, there is a learning curve. The good news is Soul Realignment course lessens that learning curve considerably. By that I mean that in about ten weeks (I finished in seven), you will be able to give a reading so thorough, that it will blow another person’s socks off!

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Psychic Training For Every Soul

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Should I get psychic training? Which training program is best? You might be asking yourself these questions, if you are delving into the wonderful world of intuitive development and opening up to your intuitive guidance. Perhaps you may even be interested in doing readings for a living, but you doubt if your psychic abilities are enough for professional level work in the field. You may also have doubt about how well you could make a living and support yourself in this field. I went through my share of doubts, but the most wonderful decision I made for myself was to decide, that no matter what, I want to bring the entirety of who I am into my life and into my work, which for me meant doing intuitive readings for a living.
The first type of psychic training is a free psychic training, which involves picking up some books and studying them on your own or using google to find some information. Anyone can do it, but with very mixed results. I’m not knocking learning and testing a variety of methods out there, in order to pick which one works for you, but there is a limit to how far and even more importantly how fast you can get to your intended level of psychic development by reading on your own. I went through this wonderful phase for several years. I loved the sense of exploration and discovery and the fact that I didn’t have to make any definite commitments to any specific paths. I noticed a tendency, that many spiritual seekers have, especially the ones, who are not affiliated with any specific religion or spiritual path. The tendency is to sample many things, often losing focus and under utilizing the power of focused action. Another downfall was that I wasn’t engaging with real people in the real world, which made it more of a fantasy adventure, rather than true growth experience, that only happens when you form relationships with other people.

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